About Us

Vape Empire – For All Your Vaping Needs 

As an aficionado in the vape industry, we specialized in fulfilling your vape aspirations by providing state of the art Mods, E-Liquids, atomizers and accessories with a priority of customer satisfaction in our minds and strive towards excellence in customer service. 

For the newbies alike, no scratching heads are needed as our knowledgeable and friendly sales colleague will help you begin your journey into a healthier lifestyle that aligns with our company motto. 

Currently operating 109 stores across Malaysia and distribution to over 30 countries worldwide. We are looking to expand more stores to ensure we are just a stone throw away from you. By end of 2020, we are targeting to run 150 stores in Malaysia and introducing more Vape Empire towards the oversea demographics, particularly in the European province. 

How It All Began 

Back in 2013, Vape Empire started from the bottom via a diffident setup by our founder, Zac Oh. Through a potential that he saw in the vape industry, he had only one intention in mind, which is to encourage all smokers to stop smoking and start vaping. 

Incite by his vision, Zac Oh even put in an effort to urge the government to regulate all the products in regards to vape. As reported by The Edge TV, the reason being is to maintain the quality of these products by setting a standard, rules, and regulations. At that time, even though Vape Empire was just 2 years old, we are able to generate a revenue of RM5 million per month. The secret of our success mainly come from our retail store and distribution of our products to smaller stores in Malaysia. In addition, Vape Empire is globally recognized as most of our in-house E-Liquids are shipped to countries across South East Asia and Europe. 


Growing An Empire, With You In Mind 

As the Vaping culture continues to grow worldwide, we at Vape Empire intend to bloom in just the same way. 

We are serious in nurturing a truly holistic Vape lifestyle, our VLounge serves as one of our many testaments. It is also our commitment to educate and share information with our customers to curb and enforce regulations as well as living a healthy lifestyle. Some of our campaigns are #NOTOUNDER18 and #NOTSMOKINGTARS. 

Continuing our motto of delivering quality, reliable, people-oriented services; we plan to be Malaysia’s favorite go-to Vape expert with your satisfaction as our ultimate goal. Currently Vape Empire stands at over 350 professional sales covering retail, distribution and also manufacturing.


Our vision:
Stop Smoking and Start Vaping
Our mission:
To provide a one stop center for all your vaping needs in a holistic lifestyle and SMOKE FREE ambience
Our motto:
Delivery Quality, People Oriented Services Reliability